Did your latest concrete repair put a crack in your reputation?

Only Kryton ensures 100% waterproof crack repair.


Kryton’s Krystol Leak Repair System reduces callbacks, saving you time and money. Designed for maximum waterproofing protection with minimum hassle, Kryton is backed by unmatched support.

Kryton’s Krystol Leak Repair System:

  • Is designed for maximum waterproofing protection with minimum hassle. It is proven performance backed by unparalleled support. Applied properly, Kryton will work and stay working, eliminating call backs that can destroy your profit on a job. With Kryton, you can do the job correctly the first time.
  • Kryton is easy to use, and our step-by-step process guarantees you will succeed 100% of the time. No other solution provides applicators this level of product performance, vendor support and responsiveness, or added value like Kryton.
  • Kryton provides product training and on-site technical support through both the selling process and repair. Kryton will be by your side every step of the way.
  • Is a lower cost-of-repair solution compared to injection systems.
  • Repairs look better because there’s no unsightly injection residue.
  • Your reputation will be enhanced and your referrals increased because the Kryton system works.
  • Kryton is also the repair product used in the most extreme repair environments.