We are committed to helping the world build better  

Helping Our Clients Build Better

For 50 years our mission has been to help our clients build better. Building better meant providing solutions to reduce construction waste, improve on-site safety, increase efficiency and build more durable structures. Today, we call that building sustainably. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in solutions that:

Reduce Construction Waste

• Admixtures are packaged in pulpable bags

• Eliminates surface products

• Concrete remains recyclable

Increase Concrete Durability 

• Provides alternatives to cement and sub-standard aggregates

• Extends the service life of concrete structures reducing the lifetime carbon footprint

• Provides a defense against impacts of corrosion, abrasion, erosion, water ingress and ASR

Reduce Environmental Impact 

• Replaces petroleum based building materials

• Eliminates toxic chemicals to protect construction workers and surrounding habitat

• Reduces CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of cement needed initially

Manufacturing & Distribution

We are committed to the sustainable manufacturing and distribution of our products. Our priorities include:

Managing Materials

• Incorporate environmental packaging

• Eliminate harsh chemical products and use only high performing, environmentally friendly ingredients

• Contribute to the circular economy with the use of post-industrial material in our products

•  Improving energy efficiency and productivity in manufacturing facilities

Operational Efficiency

• Improve energy efficiency and productivity in manufacturing facilities

• Ensure the responsible management of operational waste

• Optimize relationships with our supply chain, distribution channels and transportation providers to reduce our environmental footprint from end-to-end

Supporting Community

We support our community both as an employer and a corporate citizen. We are committed to:

•  Promoting health & safety in the office, in our production facilities and in the field

•  Engaging and developing top talent

•  Supporting diversity, inclusion and human rights

•  Looking for opportunities to give back to the communities we operate in through charitable work and volunteerism

•  We work with industry associations and educational institutions to advance research and policy development