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Why Choose Smart Concrete?

Many of the engineers we work with face the risk of concrete not meeting its designed service life while also meeting their client’s requirements on sustainability, cost, schedule and performance. We have helped them with cost-effective solutions to permanently waterproof and optimize the durability of their concrete structures.

What makes us different is our consultative approach to mitigate risk using our proven best-in-class but unique technology, backed by the best technical support, testing, and certifications in the business.

Are you looking for:

•   Solutions with a history of proven success?

•   Products that have been independently tested and certified?

•   Consultation and technical support

•   Clients to meet their sustainability goals

•   Clients to reduce their structure’s lifetime carbon footprint



Feature Case Studies

For more than 45 years, we have worked with architects, engineers, and builders to build dry and durable structures.

 Boeing Aircraft Plant

The world’s largest volume building under a single roof in 1983, this project was one of the first to experience benefits of KIM. With KIM, the structure chemically reacts to presence of water, forming crystals to fill up the concrete micro-cracks and capillary pores. This keeps the structure free from water and waterborne contaminants.

Vancouver Convention Centre 

Kown nowadays as an award-winning showpiece of architecture, construction, and sustainability, the Vancouver Convention Centre only came to pass through the help of Hard-Cem. With it, the construction team gave it the full-depth hardening it needed to increase its lifespan and its LEED points and reduce its need for maintenance.

Marina Bay Sands Resort

Marina Bay Sands is Asia Pacific’s largest integrated resort which has distinguished Singapore from other cities. Their challenge was to find a waterproofing solution to accommodate the varying needs of this mega-project including all below-grade areas, multiple floors, tunnels, rooftops, lift, sump pits and water tanks. 

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