Current Opportunites ButtonBe Sure. Be Kryton.

This slogan not only captures our products’ benefits but also the Kryton philosophy for our people. We want to ensure that the best people are matched with the right opportunities, so that they and our customers can achieve better results.

Our award-winning products may have put us on the map, but it is our people that keep us there. Our global network of people includes the most capable professionals and skilled employees, who work at our Vancouver technical headquarters, offices in USA, China, India, Dubai and beyond.

Kryton offers a myriad of perks in training and development, wellness and social activities. We deep-fry turkeys on Thanksgiving, go white water rafting each summer, enjoy profit sharing, and heavily compete in Jeopardy-themed lunches and annual Mini-Olympic games. Not to forget the importance of professional growth and engagement, Kryton also has development and communications programs in place to ensure our people are learning, and being heard.

Our corporate culture has been recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in British Columbia.

Kryton International Inc. has been named among the best companies to work for in British Columbia for the forth year in a row. For more information, please click here, or contact: people@kryton.com