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Concrete Monitoring

Maturix® Smart Concrete® Sensors wirelessly transmit real-time data on temperature and strength development to your device. It records, monitors and alerts users on the actual status of the concrete which reduces risk, increases efficiency, and saves time and money. Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors are reusable and offer unlimited use for a low fixed cost. Sacrificial thermocouple wires are placed in the concrete and temperature is transmitted wirelessly to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service. The service is accessible on any internet-connected device and shows real-time temperatures and calculated strengths of the actual, in-place concrete. Maturix keeps you and your team informed on critical thresholds anywhere you may be, eliminating guesswork and providing the data needed to optimize construction schedules while maintaining quality control.

How Does it Work?

Once a Maturix Smart Concrete Sensor is plugged into a thermocouple, it sends real-time temperature data to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service via the Sigfox IoT network. Advanced software calculates maturity, strength, temperature differential, and other valuable data and displays it to the user in a simple, intuitive interface in any web browser. The interface can be customized to meet the user’s preferences. Users can create text and e-mail alerts that notify them and their team of important events, such as reaching a strength goal or hitting a temperature threshold.  Maturix reports and predicts concrete strength development based on ASTM C1074 – Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method. Real time temperature and strength development data enables contractors and engineers to take action that will reduce risks, keep a record of information, and allow time-saving decisions.

Product Benefits

  • Enhanced workload efficiency
  • Faster formwork removal
  • Remote, data-based decisions
  • Data reporting and alerts to suit your needs
  • Automatic documentation
  • Reduces job site visits
  • Eliminates the need for crush tests
  • Real-time data allows you to optimize construction schedule and maintain quality

World of Applications

  • Mass concrete pours
  • Pre & post tensioning projects
  • Loading elements
  • Formwork removal and stripping
  • Hot and cold weather placement
  • Saw cutting
  • Opening substrates to traffic

What Makes Our Sensors Different?

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