Kryton History

A history of innovation: Kryton’s tale is one of consistently providing innovative solutions to customers’ real world problems. A steady rise from a small, family-run business to the industry’s leading concrete waterproofing solutions provider in the world. Read about the key milestones that brought us here.

2010s: Kryton today

Kryton is now firmly established as the world’s leading Smart Concrete® solutions provider.

To continue their progress within the industry, Kryton opened a new warehouse in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in 2011.

By 2019, they had grown even further as a company. Two years earlier, they had added Cementec Industries Inc. and their award-winning product, Hard-Cem®, to the team. Then, near the end of 2019, they partnered with the Denmark company Sensohive Technologies ApS, giving them exclusive rights to distribute the Maturix™ Sensors in North America.

2000s: Thriving through specialization

As a result of the company’s solutions-based approach, Kryton had a product line with over 100 products. In 2006, the management team made the pivotal decision to eliminate most of the 150 products and keep only 12 so they could focus on the core business of concrete waterproofing, the market that gave Kryton its start in 1973.

In 2006, when Kryton moved to their new headquarters, they built the largest concrete permeability testing laboratory in North America, as science and research has always given Kryton an edge over the decades.

This era also saw its share of expansion as Kryton opened their China, Dubai, Singapore, and UK offices respectively in 2002, 2006, 2007, and 2009.

1990s: New leadership paves the way

The 90s were a critical point for Kryton. It was realized that new talent could pave the way for a true global reach. Ron asked his daughter Kari to join the company in 1991 and after a long talk, they shook hands and she was on board.

Kari focused on Kryton’s KIM admixture and worked on driving it in specification documents through professional organizations such as the American Concrete Institute and Construction Specifications Canada, among others.

In 1994, she convinced older brother Kevin to run the operations, and Kryton once again became a true family-owned and run business, but they weren’t as small as they once were.

Business was booming internationally and a manufacturing plant in New Delhi, India was established and then soon after in China.

1980s: Going global

Kryton invented the world’s first crystalline waterproofing admixture. Known as Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM), it also resulted in the creation of a brand new product category within concrete waterproofing industry. This was one of the many firsts that Kryton would celebrate.

The 80s were a time of global expansion for Kryton. The Telex machine was quickly abandoned for the cutting-edge fax machine which was used to close deals with Kryton’s growing global network. The deep recession of 1981-1982 were some of the best years Kryton had had to date. Kryton began to look to the US as a growing potential market. Sales were made throughout the country, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and Phoenix. In 1983, Kryton’s KIM admixture was used in the Boeing Development Center which at the time was the world’s largest volume building under a single roof. The project is as dry today as it was in 1983.

Ron was also invited by the Canadian government to join Team Canada on the first trade mission, which gave him the opportunity to build contacts in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and beyond. One by one, distributors joined the Kryton network and a small but growing distribution group was being established around the world.

1970s: Solving a problem

Like many companies, Kryton was built to solve a problem. CanWest Waterproofing Company was a waterproofing applicator that opened its doors by the current chairman of the Kryton board, R.G. (Ron) Yuers. It was soon realized that the materials they purchased from a local supplier weren’t working satisfactorily. Ron decided that if there wasn’t a solution available in the market, he would create one. So, he hired a chemist. After hundreds of hours in a laboratory, Krystol® technology was born and in 1973 Kryton was formed as a new company to launch it into a global market.

Feedback at the field-level was integral in the beginning years of Kryton, and it continued to be sought after and addressed. This commitment to a solutions-oriented approach resulted in the expansion of Kryton’s line to include epoxies, coatings and cleaners, broadening the focus from concrete waterproofing. Ron’s children Kari and Kevin joined the workforce as kids, sweeping the factory floors and applying labels on buckets.