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Why Choose Smart Concrete?

Our Ready-Mix partners face challenges to maximize concrete performance, maintain margins and stay competitive. We help our clients with a with best-in-class concrete waterproofing and durability enhancement solutions for greater value-added profitability on every cube of concrete.

What makes us different is our combination of technology, technical support and warranty makes for successful projects and well-supported customers that keep coming back to ready-mix admixture solutions.

Are you looking to:

•   Maximize profit per unit

•   Develop new revenue streams

•   Offer your customers high performing concrete mixes

•   Have access leading edge technical expertise to ensure your success

Feature Case Studies

For more than 45 years, we have worked with architects, engineers, and builders to build dry and durable structures.

Jameson House

The developers needed a waterproofing system that could guarantee permanent protection from water penetration. Having had success with KIM before, the concrete producing company Lafarge recommended the admixture and the developers found they were able to shorten their construction schedule significantly.

YVR – International Airport

The Vancouver Airport Authority counted on Kryton to provide their airport’s largest expansion with permanent waterproofing at little risk. Kryton did so using KIM alongside assistance from Kryton’s Krystol Assurance Program, which provided an in-depth design review, site training and inspections, and a 10-year labor and material warranty for leaks

 Residential Driveway

A sales representative of a local concrete producing company in Vancouver, Canada, wanted a new driveway that could withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, de-icers, and acid rain. Having sold Hard-Cem before, he knew how well it could increase concrete wear life and hired Kryton to apply it to his driveway concrete mix.


We chose the integral KIM additive because of its easy one-step application and because of the insurance Kryton added to the prohibition of water intrusion…the one-step nature of KIM saved valuable time in our construction schedule (approx. three weeks). This is a field-tested product that really worked, giving everyone involved peace of mind.

— Tyge Nason, Superintendent


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