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Real world examples of how Kryton products solved your concrete waterproofing problems.

Cypress Mountain Reservoir

Cypress Mountain used Krystol T1® to waterproof the shotcrete in their Snowmaking Resevoir, after numerous failures of other waterproofing products. The Kryton products significantly reduced the leakage, and continues to increase its waterproofing properties within the concrete over time.

NEDC explains why they use Hydrostop Sealer

Bill from New England Dry Concrete explains why Kryton’s Hydrostop (or Hydropel) Silane Siloxane Sealer is their choice for delicate stone and mortar restoration projects.

Torrent Shotcrete

Torrent wins American Shotcrete AwardTorrent Shotcrete recently won an award for Outstanding Shotcrete Project of the Year from the American Shotcrete Association (ASA). Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) helped them to accomplish this goal.

Foundation Restoration repairs watertank cracks with Krystol

Matt from Foundation Restoration in Bellingham, Washington tells us how they used Kryton’s Krystol Leak Repair System to successfully repair a failed polyurea application to a watertank.

Central Coast Waterproofing

Why Central Coast Waterproofing uses Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing.

Tianjin Hong Ba Waterproofing Materials Co

Mr.He ping Zhang explains that when this building project in China (Yeland Hongdu Center) used traditional membrane which failed, The General Contractor asked our Tainjin Kryton Distributor to help. They came in and provided Kryton waterproofing solution to repair all the leakages.

Grace de Sierra, Building Administrator, Clínicas Médicas

As Building Administrator, Clinicas Medicas in Zone 10 (Guatamala) is the tallest building I have. The below-grade parkade used to have a chronic leak problem for many years. We had tried many different repair methods over the years, always resulting in the same failure.

That is, until we tried the Krystol Technology.

A year and a half ago, we repaired the major leak with the Krystol (Leak Repair System). We haven’t had a leak problem since then, and the parkade has remained dry.

I highly recommend this product, and will be using it in projects in the future.

Rigberto Romero, Condelta Constructor

We used this technology (Krystol) a few weeks ago in a 1000 m2 residential project, which included a 200 m2 (below-grade) basement.

We used (Kryton’s) KIM in the foundation slab, but in the (basement) walls, the engineer decided to go with an asphalt product. Immediatly (after installation), moisture spots began to appear on the walls, so we had to immediatly remove all the asphalt & apply (Kryton’s) Krystol T1® (Surface Applied Treatment).

The moisture was eliminated, and the results of the KIM and Krystol T1® were exactly as expected.

Robert Vides – GM of Vides Construction Co.

Vides Construction in Guatemala undertook a parking Plaza project at the Universidad de San Carlos (USAC). Their biggest challenge was how to waterproof the top slab of the structure, which was imperative in protecting the parked cars beneath from water damage. Kryton’s Guatemalan distributor, Duratop, met with the Vides team, and indroduced Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) and Krystol T1® as the best options for this project. Mr Vides is very pleased with the results, after following all of Kryton’s recommendations in administering the products. For them, it was a very good solution.

Manoj Didwania

KIM admixture was used to permanently waterproof the concrete during the casting of an overhead tank at a Residential Project at Ahmedabad, India. Contractor Manoj Didwania is also thankful to Kryton’s thorough support documents, which helped him perform a sucessful application.

Roberto Newbill – Architect

As a member of Oakland Garden Condo Residential Strata in Guatemala City, Architect Roberto Newbill explains his experience with a persistent concrete leakage problem.

The Oakland Garden Condos were built around 1993, and the in ground pool has experienced significant leakage problems throughout the past 12 years. This has proven especially problematic, as there are two levels of underground parking located beneath the pool. Since the leakage problems began, the strata as attempted to fix the problem five of six different times, without success.

Recently, Mr. Newbill heard of Krystol Technology and brought the idea of conducting a test of the product to the strata. They decided to remove the first four lines of tile inside the pool, and applied the Krystol Crack Repair System along with Krystol T1®. A year after the application, the parking structure beneath the pool remains dry. Krystol T1® was also applied to the pool deck for added protection against water penetration.

The Oakland Condominium Strata members are very happy with the results of the Krystol Technology, and they strongly recommend the products for concrete waterproofing and repairs.

BUE in Brunei trailer…

Chris and Vignes – Waterproofing Specialists from BUE in Brunei – will compete to see who is the best concrete repair specialist.

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