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When handling an industrial project, we know how important it is to you that your engineering work optimizes its service life. After all, clients in this sector are looking to these projects to help keep their business running. Whether that’s relying on safe continuous service from a mining structure, a processing or manufacturing facility, or a warehouse building, clients want their operations to run as expected with as little maintenance and repair fees as possible. To make that happen, however, a structure like that needs to remain resilient in the face of challenges such as water ingress, chemical attack, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion. Otherwise, it can run at subpar levels, increasing maintenance requirements, disrupting services, and worse.

Overcome it all with Smart Concrete solutions. These time-proven and third-party tested products ensure that you can develop safe low-maintenance structures that will last long without disrupting your client’s business. They are even capable of supporting sustainability goals to reduce a structure’s lifetime carbon footprint. And they come backed with consultation and technical support.

Concrete Waterproofing

For the most time-proven integral concrete waterproofing solution out there capable of eliminating water ingress, chemical attack, and corrosion, you’ll want Kryton’s KIM®.

As history’s first-ever crystalline waterproofing admixture, KIM offers 40 years of successful field performance. As a result, Kryton has had many years to enhance its performance with the following key advantages:

•  Having field testing from multiple third-party companies for decades

•  Using honed technology to reduce concrete permeability up to 80% or more

•  Providing top-quality corrosion protection that survived a 10-year study

•  Working with the Krystol® Waterstop System to protect joints and details

•  Reducing maintenance costs

•  Mitigating any carbon-intensive concrete repairs and replacements

•  Being certified for the NSF/ANSI 61 standard, confirming it to be non-toxic

•  Receiving support from a 25-year warranty and expert technicians

•  Creating a fully waterproof structure

To ensure all of these advantages provide optimal results, this form of waterproofing can even be covered by the Krystol Assurance Program™. It’s a 10-year performance warranty that guarantees any areas treated with Krystol® technology like KIM or some products from the Krystol Waterstop System will remain watertight. To make that guarantee a reality, this warranty also comes with a waterproofing design consultation, on-site training and inspections, ready-mix supplier support, and detailed record-keeping and reporting.

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Concrete Durability

With 20 years of successful proven performance on the market, the revolutionary Hard-Cem® admixture has helped 80 million ft2 of concrete resist abrasive and erosive forces.

It does all of this with the following advantages:

•  Strengthening cement paste with its unique metal-mineral microstructure

•  Reducing concrete’s susceptibility to wear and tear

•  Proving via third-party testing it can more than double concrete wear life

•  Reducing the number of replacement and repair sessions a structure will have

•  Lowering the need for carbon-intensive cement

•  Decreasing a project’s lifetime carbon footprint

All of which minimizes maintenance costs and creates a resilient industrial concrete structure capable of providing safe continuous service at minimal operational cost.

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Feature Case Studies

From mines to processing and manufacturing facilities to warehouses, Kryton’s Smart Concrete solutions have helped them all run efficiently under optimal conditions for 50 years.

New Afton Mine

The mine was expected to replace concrete every three years. This would disrupt service and increase maintenance costs significantly. To change that, the mine owner replaced the concrete with Hard-Cem concrete. That eliminated service,  maintenance concerns, and reduced the mine’s lifetime carbon footprint by 49.5%.

Seafood Facility

This facility’s concrete floors were exposed to liquid nitrogen, fish and crab processing, and salt water on a daily basis. That wore out the concrete significantly, increasing maintenance costs and lowering service life. But this all changed when the facility owner used Hard-Cem and KIM in their replacement concrete.


Knowing their plant expansion would deal with abrasive machinery and equipment, and they could not afford to shut down the plant’s production areas, Kimberly-Clark turned to Hard-Cem. Proven to outperform surface-applied hardeners under ASTM C627 testing, Hard-Cem gave them the abrasion protection they needed.


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