Technical Info

Standard Warranty

Build Confidently with Kryton.

Every Kryton product is covered by our standard 10-year product warranty, which guarantees that all products are free from any defects of manufacture and will perform as we state in our printed literature. Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) becomes a permanent part of the concrete and will last the lifetime of the concrete. Therefore, KIM carries a “lifetime” product warranty of 25 years. Many KIM projects have already outlived their 25-year warranty!

The Boeing Development Center was constructed using KIM admixture in 1983 and has well outlived its warranty. 

In many locations, Kryton offers an extended quality assurance service and performance warranty we call our Krystol Assurance Program. Kryton technical staff take an active role in the design and implementation of the waterproofing system and help to ensure that installation on site is of the highest quality through site inspections and monitoring. Following construction, any leaks that occur through the waterproofing system during the next 10 years will be repaired by Kryton with Kryton paying all costs for both materials and labor. By purchasing the Krystol Assurance Program, qualified builders transfer significant risk of leaks and repairs directly to Kryton.

Both the Standard Warranty and the Krystol Assurance Program are limited warranties. Regardless of the warranty type, Kryton offers you unmatched technical support, including reviewing construction details, mix design, and project specific challenges. There can be no disputing that based on third party testing and certification, KIM sets the benchmark for proven and permanent concrete waterproofing with superior performance in resistance to high hydrostatic pressure, self-sealing, shrinkage and crack reduction, and corrosion protection.

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