Why Kryton?

You have choices. Why should you do business with Kryton?

  • You are responsible for the success of your project
  • Your choice of waterproofing systems is critical to that success
  • Making the right decisions will impact your schedule, profit, reputation, and the risk/liability you will take on
  • Only Kryton can protect your schedule, profit, reputation because only Kryton can offer a complete and proven system that takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing
  • Kryton’s Krystol Line of products can help get your projects to a Green rating

Simplify your life with Smart Concrete® technologies

Why is Kryton the best choice for you, specifically?


  • Shorten construction schedules
  • Build right up to the property line
  • Reduce risk



  • Time proven technology
  • Independent testing and certification
  • Technical support anytime, anywhere

General Contractor

  • Enhance jobsite productivity
  • Save time, build faster
  • Reduce labor and workmanship issues

Concrete Producer

  • Technical Support is tailored to your needs
  • Maximize your profit per unit
  • Create a branded waterproof concrete


  • Step-by-step application instructions
  • Works under any jobsite condition
  • Eliminate stress & cost of callbacks


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