Continuing Education

Kryton’s Concrete Waterproofing Course covers:

  • How and why concrete cracks and leaks
  • Common methods of waterproofing and how these fail
  • Integral waterproofing and the science behind it
  • Case Studies where crystalline technology solves waterproofing issues

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Our AIA CES approved presentation will describe our crystalline technology with four learning objectives. In the project section, we will discuss various case studies in an array of challenging environments – we will review the initial questions we ask to troubleshoot and take you from the first concrete pour, through each appropriate Kryton system, hitting joints, penetrations, and cracks, to ensure the structure is warranted watertight and leak-free. A fully interactive and eye-opening session. 

Program Name:  Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing and Repair Systems – Helping Build Durable Structures that Last

Provider:  Kryton International Inc.
Provider Number: 40107274
Program Number:  AIAKRY7274

Length: One hour

Credits: 1 Learning Unit (LU) or 1 PDH Credit

Course Description:

Few building materials offer the strength and versatility of concrete, which has been used for centuries. Waterproofing is absolutely critical for a functional, superior and long-lasting structure.

This educational unit examines exactly how waterproofing works, and how it doesn’t, so the best waterproofing method can be specified for each project.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss why concrete needs to be waterproofed
  2. List the common methods of waterproofing concrete and their limitations
  3. Describe the use of integral crystalline waterproofing and the science behind it
  4. Identify case studies where crystalline technology solved waterproofing issue

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Up to 6 potential LEED credits:

Reduces site disturbance
Less excavation is required because Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) waterproofing admixture is added directly to the concrete mix. No need to excavate to accommodate space for workers applying physical membranes.

Reduces waste on the job-site
Krystol Internal Membrane comes is available in custom sized pulp able bags, which are added directly to the ready-mix truck.

Creates a Recyclable Concrete
While membrane coated concrete goes straight to the landfill, KIM concrete can be recycled post demolition, eliminating waste.

Permanent solution
Krystol Technology will last the life of the concrete, growing stronger over time. KIM and other Krystol concrete waterproofing products contribute to the overall durability and life expectancy of a building by stopping corrosion, increasing freeze/thaw durability, and protecting against chemical attack, carbonation and other detrimental effects.