Smart Concrete®

SMART CONCRETE: A solution for sustainability.

Smart concrete provides the concrete itself with a permanent waterproofing solution and provides protection of all constructions joints and penetrations. It protects every inch of the structures reinforced steel found from corrosion.

Smart concrete leverages Kryton’s time proven Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) and unique Krystol® technology, as well as 4 decades of construction experience, that provides a solution to improving concrete durability – and ultimately provides sustainable infrastructure.

Smart Concrete

Krystol Technology reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to grow insoluble needle-shaped crystals which fill capillaries, micro cracks and pores of concrete to reduce permeability and stop water – even under hydrostatic pressure. That is smart concrete.

Smart ConcreteSmart Concrete’s most unique feature is its ability to lie dormant indefinitely within the concrete. If a new crack should form in the concrete and water begins to penetrate, it will react to seal the leaking location and shut off the flow of water.

This feature is incredibly valuable because it means that the concrete has the ability to repair itself, as if the structure is alive and can heal from a wound. That is smart concrete.

Smart Concrete

SMART CONCRETE protects concrete and reinforcing steel from the damaging effects of water. This reduces the rate of deterioration and cost of repairs. That is Smart Concrete.