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Why Choose Hard-Cem

You can maximize your concrete’s durability without compromising on sustainability. With Hard-Cem, you’ll increase your concrete’s resistance to abrasion and erosion. That creates a more durable structure that requires less additional concrete for repairs or replacement, which makes it possible to reduce your structure’s lifetime carbon footprint by 15% to 40%! 

That’s only the beginning! Hard-Cem has a number of other advantages perfect for those looking for a durable, sustainable structure. 

Integral Hardener Benefits

Hard-Cem is the only integral hardening admixture available on the market in a sea of dry shake products, liquid hardeners, and other concrete densifiers. That allows it to go directly into the concrete mix during batching, providing your concrete structure with full-depth protection from abrasive and erosive elements. This doubles your concrete’s service life. And it allows you to eliminate application errors as there is no need for a manual surface application, minimizing the time and money spent on increasing concrete hardness.

That’s not all the benefits that Hard-Cem provides either! It comes with the following features as well.

Eco-Friendly Application

Unlike dry shake hardeners, Hard-Cem can increase concrete resistance to abrasion and erosion without the use of cancer-causing silica dust. That makes the building environment greener and safer at the worksite.

Increased Sustainability

As Hard-Cem is non-toxic and doubles the longevity of concrete structures with a simple, green application process, it can easily meet the three P’s of sustainability, protecting people, planet, and profit simultaneously.

Safer Construction

Because dry shake hardeners use toxic silica dust, they are subject to strict OSHA safety measures and create multiple health risks. Eliminating silica dust with Hard-Cem eases those measures and increases worksite safety.

All Compatible

Hard-Cem can be used with any mix design. It offers no negative side effects to the look or utility of the design and will even work for air-entrained concrete, shotcrete, and vertical, inclined, and horizontal concrete slabs.

Fewer Expenses

Because Hard-Cem doesn’t require a manual application and instead goes directly into the concrete mix, it requires less time, money, and labor to apply. This speeds up construction, lowers the cost and ensures quality.

Reduced Risk

On top of minimizing expenses, Hard-Cem’s simplified application reduces the chance of application errors. No need to worry about applying it incorrectly. Just throw its dissoluble bag into the mix and watch it work.

Personalized Tech Support

To help you maximize Hard-Cem’s own benefits, Kryton provides expert tech support. With the guidance of our R&D team, we can help you determine how Hard-Cem can meet the specific needs of your project.

How Hard-Cem Helps

 For over 15 years, Hard-Cem’s benefits have helped North American engineers optimize the durability of their concrete and increase its wear resistance. As a result, you can find more than 80 million ft2 of Hard-Cem-treated concrete throughout North America. Here are just some of the success stories that have resulted from that.


Case Studies

New Afton Mine 

Set on a maintenance plan of replacing parts of their mine’s concrete every three years, New Gold Inc. decided to break that cycle with Hard-Cem. They added it to their replacement concrete in 2014. That allowed the concrete to endure at least six years of mine activity, preventing two replacement events and exceeding expectations by reducing the mine’s lifetime carbon footprint by 49.5% to date. 

Aquatera’s Treatment Plant

 Requiring several additions to their wastewater treatment plant in Alberta, Canada, Aquatera chose to treat them with Hard-Cem and our waterproofing admixture, Krystol Internal Membrane™. The two admixtures worked well both separately from each other and in combination, providing the plant with a reliable form of protection against any moisture ingress, chemical attack, and abrasive and erosive wear.

Vancouver Convention Centre

An award-winning showpiece of construction and sustainability, the Vancouver Convention Centre in British Columbia, Canada, only came to pass through the help of Hard-Cem. With it, the construction team gave the project the full-depth hardening it needed to increase its life span and points in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program and reduce its need for maintenance.

Brandt Tractor Ltd. Warehouse

Wanting to expand their business, Brandt Tractor Ltd. chose to construct a warehouse with a highly durable floor. To create the desired durability, Hard-Cem was added into the concrete mix. That allowed the hardening admixture to permeate throughout the concrete, making it resistant to abrasion and erosion. In turn, that increased sustainability of the flooring with less need for future repairs.



By adding Hard-Cem integrally to my concrete and applying an oil- and gas-resistant sealer, I now have the additional resistance to any abrasion and erosion that may occur during our ever-changing climate. This will help extend the life of my driveway and ultimately, save me money.”

Byron Young, Ready-Mix Salesperson


“I was looking to build a shop that could accommodate and stand up to the wear and tear of heavy vehicles and the equipment that I use to maintain them. The concrete shop floor is ground zero for wear and tear. I wanted the concrete to look as good in 20 years as it did on day one. When I was looking at designing my floor, Hard-Cem was absolutely a product I needed for my new shop. I have sold Hard-Cem since it was first introduced into the market many years ago and have seen the results of this product for years, and each customer was extremely happy with their final product. In the end, I was happy with how my floor turned out.” 

Mark Leslie, Regional Manager of Terus Construction Ltd.


Where to Get the Specs

 For more technical details on Hard-Cem, take a look at the following resources.

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You’ve read all the evidence here, and you’ve seen what others have had to say about their experience with Hard-Cem. It’s a proven product used by engineers to save time and money while increasing their concrete’s sustainability, service life, and durability. Now, it’s time for your project to reap the same benefits.

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