Did you just spec the end of your career with the wrong waterproofing?

Only Kryton self-seals hairline cracks and keeps concrete watertight for the lifetime of your structure.


As the original crystalline waterproofing admixture, KIM has undergone more testing and received more approvals than any other. Kryton provides durability that no one can match.

Kryton’s Concrete Waterproofing System:

  • The superior performance reduces potential liability risks for both you and your clients, now and down the road.
  • Protects concrete from chemical ingress and water up to 140 m (460 ft.) of head pressure; we have the most thoroughly tested waterproofing system available. Our self-sealing technology allows for ongoing protection against leaks that will develop through cracking that occurs through the life of the structure, we have projects that have been in the ground for over 40 years to prove it.
  • Provides a superior level of accountability and support:
    • We have a systematic approach. Products that work and the steps to make it work, from pouring the concrete to all the various jointing systems, raises quality control for the whole site.
    • Our state of the art lab can analyze and validate the mix design; we optimize batching by delivering custom-sized bags based on your mix design in the specific environment.
    • We assist by providing on-site inspections to ensure everything follows the required specs.
    • Other field level support including full specifications training and support, online availability 24/7 (in multiple languages) of specifications, CAD drawings, application instructions, and case studies.
    • Our products have undergone rigorous testing and validation from top universities. Kryton accreditation includes like ICC-ES and NSF International.
    • All of the above are backed by a global network of expertise, including chemists, engineers and experts from top universities and research facilities—including our own two, full-time concrete research and testing laboratories.