Concrete Producer

Are you missing out on profits by not offering a waterproofing solution?

Only Kryton protects your concrete and your profitability permanently.

Concrete Producer

Kryton’s concrete waterproofing system optimizes both your concrete performance and your bottom line. No one can match Kryton’s product performance, vendor support and responsiveness.

Kryton’s Concrete Waterproofing System:

  • Works with your concrete.
  • Reduces potential liability risks for both you and your clients, now and down the road. Kryton’s warranty is the best in the industry and Kryton has projects that have been in the ground for over 40 years.
  • Kryton provides you unparalleled support:
    • Our state of the art lab can analyze and validate the design mix. By optimizing the design mix we’re able to meet your design and the waterproofing requirements as per the structure.
    • We optimize batching by delivering custom-sized bags based on the mix design in the specific environment.
    • Our step-by-step instructions and on-site inspections helps ensure everything follows the required specifications. If an issue arises, we’ll deal with it directly so you don’t have to. We’re with you throughout the sale.
  • We enable them to make more, value-added profit than any other admixture supplier. And, because our system allows your customers to save time and money going in and over time, you will increase profitability per cubic meter/yard.
  • Better achievement of the you client’s objectives: Staying on budget, labor savings, staying on schedule (meeting deadlines, avoiding down time), meeting critical milestones such as inspections, time and money savings results in your client generating revenue sooner and increasing their ROI, and preserves the architects design ideas.
  • You can make more money using KIM (please refer to the Kryton Cost Calculator).