Whose Design is on the Line when the waterproofing can’t deliver?

Only Kryton Protects Concrete And Your Design Permanently.


Kryton has the only concrete waterproofing system that allows you to push your design creativity and buildable area, whilst lowering your client’s overall lifecycle costs.

Kryton’s Concrete Waterproofing System:

  • Enables you to maximize square footage and build out to the edge of the site because you don’t need to allow space to apply traditional membranes.
  • Prevents exposure of aesthetically-compromising black membranes, especially if soil or landscape shifts.
  • Increases flexibility when waterproofing difficult shapes, protrusions and curves—which are difficult for membranes to waterproof.
  • Enhances product performance and durability. With the Kryton system, the project looks good and stays looking good over time.
  • Provides time and money savings resulting in the client generating revenue sooner and increasing their ROI.
  • Allows you to meet LEED requirements of reduced VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) while lowering construction and long term maintenance costs.
  • The superior performance of the concrete waterproofing reduces potential liability risks for both you and your clients, now and down the road.