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Maturix® Smart Concrete® Sensors streamline thermal monitoring requirements and provide real-time strength validation based on concrete curing conditions. To do that, they automatically transmit live concrete temperature data to a user-friendly cloud-based platform, which then calculates concrete strength. It’s a process that ensures real-time remote monitoring with an alert system, which reduces risk, increases efficiency, and improves quality — saving users significant time and money.

Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors are reusable transmitting sensors that leverage industry-standard type K thermocouples as the consumable offering for the most cost-effective, convenient solution for regular users, projects with multiple pours, and precast manufacturing.

How Does it Work?

Once a Maturix Smart Concrete Sensor is plugged into the thermocouple wire, it sends real-time temperature data to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service. The intuitive interface from this service is available on any web browser where it plots temperature, highlights temperature differential, organizes concrete placements by project, and calculates concrete maturity and strength based on ASTM C1074 – Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method. Users can also work with this interface to create alerts that will notify them and their worksite team about critical events, such as concrete reaching compressive strength or hitting a critical temperature threshold. That simplifies communication and information sharing. It also ensures that Maturix can provide users with a complete understanding and insight into their concrete pour that will improve decision-making and save time and money while enhancing worksite quality and documentation.

Product Benefits

Simplifies concrete thermal monitoring requirements

    • Streamlines approvals and automates reporting
    • Eliminates manual data collection
    • Alerts users to issues in real time so they can be dealt with before they become costly problems

Helps users understand strength development in real time based on curing conditions

    • Validates strength 1–3 days sooner than cylinders and helps users understand differences
    • Shows exactly when targets are achieved
    • Saves time with form removal, opening to traffic, reshoring, and more
    • Reduces risk in high-risk pours like post-tensioning

Improves quality control and documentation

    • Automates reporting and data analysis
    • Improves communication with easy sharing and options for API integration
    • Provides multi-level permissions for users inside or outside their organization
    • Sends real-time alerts if concrete data is outside specified ranges

Creates cost-effective monitoring

    • Offers reusable devices with a low-cost consumable for affordable real-time remote monitoring
    • Allows monitoring adjustments to suit project needs whether it’s for a few months or a few years

World of Applications

  • Mass concrete pours
  • Pre- and post-tensioning projects
  • Loading elements
  • Formwork removal and stripping
  • Cold weather concreting
  • Hot weather concreting
  • Saw cutting
  • Opening substrates to traffic
  • Thermal control plans


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