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Kevin Yuers, BA

Vice-President of Product Development


Kevin Yuers is an active member of industry and business associations. He has written for numerous publications and is the named inventor on patents related to the concrete waterproofing industry.

As the Vice-President of Product Development at Kryton, Kevin Yuers is the key driver responsible for driving innovation, construction best practices, and product support. Kevin brings a unique combination of real-world experience gleaned from his days owning his own construction company to a technical and scientific application and research as a result of his collaborative and pragmatic working practices with leading researchers, institutions, and associations. This has enabled Kevin to identify new durability and waterproofing solutions and methodologies. In this capacity, Kevin is responsible for driving patents as well as being the key advisor to the Technical Services and Sales and Marketing departments. This unique combination of skills benefits our key partners and distributors by providing real-world solutions to their challenges and how to apply those solutions throughout Kryton’s worldwide network.

Born in the Canadian heartland province of Saskatchewan, Kevin grew up on the West coast of British Columbia. He founded and ran a successful construction company while studying at the University of British Columbia. Kevin earned his Bachelor Degree from UBC, graduating in 1991, and continued to become an accomplished tradesman before joining Kryton in 1994. Kevin has more than 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, including 22 years with Kryton.

Kevin is an active member of several industry and business associations and has traveled extensively throughout the world. He has written numerous articles and is the named inventor on patents related to the concrete industry.