Alireza Biparva, B.Sc. , M.A.Sc, LEED Green Associate

Technical Director

B.Sc. , M.A.Sc, LEED Green Associate

Alireza Biparva has over 25 years of experience in technical sales, research and product development which provides him with the ideal skillsets to lead Kryton’s Research and Development team in evolving smart waterproofing products and technologies.

He is an internationally recognized research expert in concrete, waterproofing, durability and sustainability. He has delivered over 200 presentations to scientists, engineers and business leaders around the world. Ali developed a test method for replicating and analyzing real-life conditions of the self-sealing process, and invented a test method to evaluate permeability of concrete under stress. He has written numerous articles to share his field and laboratory experiences gained throughout his career. Ali adds, “as Technical Director, I am responsible for leading the team in developing best in class products to drive sales year over year that drive bottom line results and exceed customer expectations. ”