Sustainability & LEED

Environmental Benefits

Background: How does Krystol Technology Work?

Concrete treated with Kryton's KIM crystalline admixtureWhen added or applied to concrete, Krystol chemicals create a reaction that causes long, narrow crystals to form, filling the pores, capillaries and hairline cracks of the concrete mass. As long as moisture remains present, crystals continue to grow throughout the concrete, reaching lengths of many inches over time.

Once the concrete has cured, the crystalline chemicals sit dormant until another dose of water (such as through a new crack) causes the chemical reaction to begin again. The ability to reactivate in the presence of water gives Krystol-treated concrete the ability to “self-seal”. When cracks form due to curing shrinkage, settling, seismic activity, etc., water entering through them causes new crystals to form and grow, blocking and filling the cracks.

The most unique and effective feature is its ability to self-seal cracks, this can help to dramatically reduce the long-term maintenance and repair costs of a concrete structure.

How does this help reduce the environmental impact of your project?

Short Term Benefits:

Reduces site disturbance
Less excavation is required because Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) waterproofing admixture is added directly to the concrete mix. No need to excavate to accommodate space for workers applying physical membranes.

Reduces waste on the job-site
Krystol Internal Membrane comes is available in custom sized pulp able bags, which are added directly to the ready-mix truck.

Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Krystol contains no volatile organic compounds, and does not affect air quality.

Long Term Benefits:

Safe to use with potable water
Kryton’s Krystol Concrete Waterproofing Products are certified all over the world by various agencies as safe for use with portable water and by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water Components – Health Effects.

Creates a Recyclable Concrete
While membrane coated concrete goes straight to the landfill, KIM concrete can be recycled post demolition, eliminating waste.

Permanent solution
Krystol Technology will last the life of the concrete, growing stronger over time. KIM and other Krystol concrete waterproofing products contribute to the overall durability and life expectancy of a building by stopping corrosion, increasing freeze/thaw durability, and protecting against chemical attack, carbonation and other detrimental effects.