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Real world examples of how Kryton products solved your concrete waterproofing problems.

Roberto Newbill – Architect

As a member of Oakland Garden Condo Residential Strata in Guatemala City, Architect Roberto Newbill explains his experience with a persistent concrete leakage problem.

The Oakland Garden Condos were built around 1993, and the in ground pool has experienced significant leakage problems throughout the past 12 years. This has proven especially problematic, as there are two levels of underground parking located beneath the pool. Since the leakage problems began, the strata as attempted to fix the problem five of six different times, without success.

Recently, Mr. Newbill heard of Krystol Technology and brought the idea of conducting a test of the product to the strata. They decided to remove the first four lines of tile inside the pool, and applied the Krystol Leak Repair System along with the surface-applied Krystol T1 and T2 system. A year after the application, the parking structure beneath the pool remains dry. The Krystol T1 and T2 Surface-Applied system was also applied to the pool deck for added protection against water penetration.

The Oakland Condominium Strata members are very happy with the results of the Krystol Technology, and they strongly recommend the products for concrete waterproofing and repairs.

Herbert Miranda – USAC Representative

Mr. Miranda supervised the USAC Plaza project performed by Vides Construction in Guatemala. He explains that the Plaza slab is 80×18 metres, and therefore a very big project for the University. After researching their options, the Kryton products introduced to the decision making team by Kryton distributor Duratop, appeared to be the best option to suit the projects need for permanent waterproofing.

Behind Mr. Miranda, you can see the water flooding the plaza. This water was pumped in, and sat for two weeks to both cure the product, and test for any leakage. As project supervisor, Mr. Miranda personally inspected the car park after these two weeks, and he is happy to report that the area is leak free.

S.K. Kapoor, EIL Pvt. Ltd.

S.K. Kapoor has worked with many different concrete waterproofing companies through his Structural Engineering career of over 40 years. After working with the Kryton products and Kryton India team for the past 15 years, he is impressed by the level of service and commitment from the specification stage, to the follow up afte the project is complete.

Dave Metzler, Cascade Aqua-Tech

Cascade Aqua-Tech distributes high quality sealants and waterproofing products to the construction market, and has been working with Kryton International for over 12 years.

Ivan McDonald – Resident Engineer (Consulta Contracting)

A new suspended slab was being built at INDE (Energy National Institute) in Guatemala. The project used 3200m2 of concrete at 4000 PSI. Duratop in Guatemala approached the team, offering the benfits of KIM for this project. Mr McDonald is pleased to report that after the project completion in August, 2012, there have not been any problems identified, and they are happy with their decision to use Kryton’s KIM for the waterproofing.

Tim Keller (RECSA) – Certified Kryton Applicator

Tim Keller, Sales Manager for Certified Kryton Applicator, RECSA, in Guatemala, explains why their team prefers to work with the Kryton products for repair projects:

  • the ease of the application practices
  • reliablility of the products
  • the guarantee of the results

Mr Keller continues, saying that they are always impressed with, and appreciate the post-sale service by Kryton and their Guatemalan distributor Duratop.

Mike Ballou from CTS Cement

CTS Cement has been working with Kryton Products for the past six years and says it has worked beautifully!

Rock Bay Elevator Pits

Jerry Westendorp from Rock Bay Elevator Pits in North Saanich on Vancouver Island uses Kryton’s Krystol Leak Repair System as a permanent concrete repair solution.

Concrete Philosopher talks Crack Repair

The Concrete Philosopher has been using Kryton Products for over 15 years, in many successful applications of concrete repair.

Satish Kumar – Structural Consultant

With 50 years in the field of construction, Satish Kumar has seen many different concrete waterproofing products fail. His engineering firm has been working with Kryton products for the past 15 years, as the Kryton products have solved many problems his team was faced with, in projects which used concrete waterproofing methods other than Kryton systems.

A.K. Khar – Civil Engineer

A.K. Khar, is a Civil Engineer in India. He specializes in building well-known hotels. Mr Khar began working with Kryton concrete waterproofing products after extensive research in 1996. He is very pleased with the performance of the Kryton products, as well as the support from the Kryton team.