Maturix Sensor (Temperature)

Product Code: S-301



Maturix Smart Concrete Temperature Sensors transmit temperature data in real time using the Sigfox wireless network. A standard Type K thermocouple is plugged into the sensor to measure internal temperature for freshly placed concrete. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the Maturix monitoring platform where it is logged, and can be used to understand concrete strength development using the maturity method. Maturix Sensors come in a weatherproof tough case to protect them from the elements and enable a long reusable, cost effective life.



Tolerances ±0.3°C 1
Resolution 0.015
Measurement Range -200 to 1260°C (external) 1
Operating Temperature -30 to 50°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 95% RH
Transmission Interval Every 10 min
Measurement Interval Once per transmission
Battery Type Li-SOCl2, 3.6 V, 5.400 mAh (non-replaceable)
Battery Lifetime Up to 5 years with expected use 2
Waterproof Yes – comes in weatherproof tough box
Network Sigfox
Radio Zones RC1, RC2, RC4 3
Material Enclosure ABS plastic (FDA approved)
Dimensions 75 x 26 mm (Ø x H)
Weight / Weight with tough case 88g / 320g
Certifications CE, Sigfox Ready – Class 0, Radio Equipment Directive (RED), RoHS

1 Also dependent on the type K thermocouple used.

2 Battery life depends operating temperature, frequency of measurements, and transmissions. Estimated to last 1 year with thermocouple inserted 24/7.

3 RC1 is Sigfox Ready certified with Class 0.