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concrete monitoring

Save time and money with reusable wireless concrete sensors that transmit data to your phone or computer anywhere at any time!

What makes our sensors different?

Think about how much disposable concrete sensors are costing you. With sensors that are cast in concrete you aren’t able to repurpose them at other stages in the project or on other projects down the road. And you still need to schedule on-site data collection costing time and money.

To help you avoid this hassle, Kryton offers sensors that are reusable and allow you to monitor exactly how your concrete’s temperature and strength are developing on any Internet connected device!

Data is automatically transmitted to the cloud using a long range, low power IoT network (Sigfox).

Sacrificial thermocouple takes temperature while reusable sensor transmits


Sigfox network or gateway (no network) receives and feeds real-time data to the cloud


Monitoring and Reporting platform logs, calculates and presents data to users on any connected device

User-friendly monitoring and reporting service that:

  • Alerts you to when strength targets are met or critical thresholds are exceeded
  • Provides you with feedback from multiple sensors through a single cast
  • Shares your cast with anyone that needs your concrete performance information
  • Sends detailed concrete performance reports automatically with the click of a button

With all these benefits at your disposal, you’ll find you can eliminate much of the guesswork involved in concrete monitoring and get the information you need to optimize your construction schedule and quality.

Multiple applications:

• Mass concrete pours

• Pre & post tensioning projects

• Elevated slabs and loading

• Formwork removal and stripping

• Cold weather placement

• Saw cutting expansion joints

• Opening substrates to traffic

• Pre-cast concrete

Start saving with unlimited use sensors

It’s true that there are other concrete sensors that help you monitor concrete. But they can be used only once and still require someone to be onsite to manually collect that data.

Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors offer unlimited use for a low fixed cost. Sacrificial thermocouple wires are placed in the concrete and temperature is transmitted wirelessly to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service. There are no fixed contracts and the sensors come with a lifetime warranty*.

It’s time to get the hassle-free concrete monitoring you deserve with the Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors.


*Some conditions apply. Talk to your Kryton representative for details.