Product Code: K-801


Hard-Cem® is an integral hardening admixture used to increase abrasion and erosion resistance of concrete.

Hard-Cem is added to the concrete at the time of batching to increase the abrasion resistance of the concrete and extend concrete wear life. It outperforms and overcomes deficiencies of labor intensive surface applied hardeners, and can be used to enhance durability of both air-entrained and non-airentrained concretes. Since it is integral, Hard-Cem can be used to harden horizontal, vertical or inclined concrete and shotcrete surfaces.


*Compared to surface applied (dry shake) hardeners.

Recommended Uses

Hard-Cem can be used in any ready mix, shotcrete or precast concrete to improve abrasion and erosion resistance, and extend the wear life of the concrete.


Physical Properties
Particle Size
Specific Gravity
Bulk Density
Black Powder / Granular Material
50% < 100 microns
1,650 kg/m³ (103 lb/ft³)
Effects on Plastic Properties
Slump, ASTM C143
Setting Time, ASTM C403
Bleed Water, ASTM C232
Entrained Air Content and Stability, ASTM C231
No change
No change
Approximately 45% reduction
No change
Effects on Hardened Properties
Compressive Strength, ASTM C39, C192, (28 Days)
Drying Shrinkage
Freeze / Thaw Durability, ASTM C666 (300 cycles)
Deicing Chemical Resistance
ASTM C 672, (50 cycles)
Abrasion Resistance, ASTM C627
Robinson Floor Tester (5,000 revolutions)
Abrasion Resistance, ASTM C779-C
No change
No change

66% reduction in mass loss compared to control

50% reduction in wear over control

*Air Entrained Concrete


Hard-Cem is fully compatible with commonly used admixtures and sealers. Dosage is 40 kg/m³ (66 lb/yd³), displacing approximately 30 kg/m³ (50 lb/yd³) of conventional sand in the original concrete mix to maintain design yield.

Unopened bags can be added into the wet concrete only if sufficient wetting, mixing and dispersion within the concrete mix is ensured. Observe concrete discharge to verify full bag disintegration and no visible sign of bag fragments in the concrete. Test prior to use if in doubt. A suitable dust mask, eye protection, gloves and coveralls are recommended when manually dispensing bagged product.

When used in bulk, pneumatic unloading and dispensing of Hard-Cem is similar to that of Portland cement.


The addition of Hard-Cem will not replace good concreting practices – especially those related to mix proportioning, placing, finishing and curing. Concrete treated with Hard-Cem maybe darker than normal Portland cement concrete.


Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product. For professional use only. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Avoid breathing dust. Wear a dust mask, long sleeves, safety goggles and impervious gloves.


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