2001 – Existing Construction and Repairs – Parking Garage


Negative side waterproofing for below grade structures where there has been no waterproofing or the waterproofing membrane has failed.

  1. Use the Krystol Leak Repair System to treat leaking cracks and joints. Refer to Application Instruction 5.12 — Waterproofing Cracks, Holes and Joints.
  2. Use Krystol Plug and Krystol Repair Grout to waterproof leaking pipe penetrations. Refer to Application Instruction 5.32 — Waterproofing Pipe Penetrations (Existing Construction).
  3. Apply Krystol T1 and T2 surface treatment to the slab and walls to prevent further water ingress. Refer to Application Instruction 2.11 — Waterproofing with Surface-Application (Brush Method) or Application Instruction 2.12 — Waterproofing with Surface-Application (Spray Method).